How To Install Summoners Stomper

How To Install Summoners War Mod

  • Check what device you’re using. Make sure that you have a device capable of running this!
    Android 6 or below – very minimal setup and easy to use
    Android 7 or above – requires rooting phone in order to be able to use stomper
    PC Emulators – most can be rooted very easily and they follow the same procedure as a rooted android device
    iOS – very minimal setup and easy to use (doesn’t require jailbreak)
  • Download OpenVPN (It’s available in both iOS and Android)
  • Extract the files that you have downloaded from Trial or Elite. There are 3 files.
    a. 1 ovpn files
    b. 2 certicate files (for android or ios)
  • Open the openvpn application, then import the ovpn file that you extracted earlier.
  • Install the certificate file (which you extracted earlier) for vpn to work. after you get it (depending on the device you are using), the steps are like this:
    if you use:
    • Android / PC Emulator (rooted and android 7 or higher)
      Install Root Certificate Manager(ROOT) from Play Store (
      Grant root access and import the certificate you extracted earlier (cert file).
    • Android 6 and lower.
      You only need to import the certificate via settings:
      Settings > Security > Install from storage (Install certificate from storage) > Find the certificate file and give it the name you want.
    • iOS
      You must SEND the certificate to yourself via the built-in email application (don’t use the Gmail app).
      Open your own email in the inbox. Then click the attachment in the mail and it will automatically start the import process. Give it the name you want, then follow the steps on the screen.
      Once done, you just need to activate the certificate in the settings.
      Go to: Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings and find the certificate you just imported by mail, click on it to activate.
      More info:
  • Done – preparations are complete!


Connect to VPN

Open Summoners War!


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