How to Install Stomper on iOS

This is the easiest way to install stomper. No jailbreak required. It only requires patience in reading the tutorial.

Step Zero: Download Stomper

Each stomper package is always given a different certificate file. For this tutorial, I will provide an example of installing certificates on a Trial VPN.

Download Trial Stomper and extract the zip file. Inside the zip file is a certificate folder. You will find 2 certificate files for different devices, Android and iOS. Choose iOS, you don’t need android certifiacte.

How to open ZIP files on your iPhone or iPad? Read it here: OPEN ZIP FILE ON iOS


Step One: Install Stomper Certificate First!

Email the stomper certificate (e.g. ios-certificate-stomper-xxx.pem) to yourself via the built-in email application (don’t use the Gmail app). Next, open the email on your phone, and click the attachment. This will open the iOS Setting up and offer you to install the certificate as a Profile.

Instruct iOS to fully trust the installed stomper certificate. For this, open again the iOS Settings app. Navigate to GeneralAbout Certificate Trust Settings. Enable the mitmproxy.

Certificate installation process has been completed.


Step Two: Install VPN Profile

Download OpenVPN connect in App Store. Link to Appstore: OpenVPN Connect.


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