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Summoners Stomper is a hack for Summoners War developed by us. It has been designed to be as stealthy as possible, in fact you could use it even without installing anything on your phone. Here you can try the trial version before trying the full version. For a tutorial on how to install stomper, please go to here.

The difference between Trial and VIP is:

  • Limitation on the number of stomper usage in the game. This limitation applies to one account summoners war.
  • As for device restrictions, it’s not limited at all.

Full explanation of Trial limits:

  • Arena: 10 times
  • Cairos Dungeon: 30 times
  • Dimension Hole: 10 times
  • Dimensional Rift: 10 times
  • Guild Battle: 10 times
  • Rift of Worlds: 30 times
  • Scenario : 30 times
  • Siege Battle: 10 times
  • Tartarus’ Labyrnth: 10 times
  • Trial of Ascension: 10 times

Opponent Stat still same with VIP

  • Resistance reduced by 100%
  • ATK reduced by 90%
  • SPD reduced by 50%
  • DEF reduced by 50%

Knowledge Base

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Summoners Stomper
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